Thursday, March 10, 2011

My New Obsession with Green.. laundry room = work in progress!

So I have this new found obsession with the color green. Growing up, my grandparents had avocado green everywhere in their house - siding, the kitchen, the carpet (shag carpet of course!), everything that stood still! We were all so relieved when they updated and got rid of the avocado green. I think green is definitely making a come back though... just not in the form of shag carpet hopefully! You would think I would be over the green, but I can't get enough of it these days. :)

With that being said... I decided to liven up our laundry room. We just bought our house not too long ago, so the decorating and personalizing is still a work in progress. (Unfortunately at this point we still have "builder beige" on all of our walls.. hopefully not for long!) Our laundry room is very small.. just enough room for the washer and dryer, so it needed something to liven up the space. Aaaaand the timing was perfect because I won a vinyl decal from Salvesen Vinyl Creations in a giveaway that was being hosted by Craft-O-Maniac.

Here is the boring before... The small space is located between our garage and our breakfast area.

It was not cute by any means. Please excuse all of the "clutter" on the shelves. The disorganization was also about to drive me crazy! And yes, that is rust on the top of our dryer. :) I really need want a fancy, new, front load, steam washer and dryer. I am not picky.. I would take any of them. :) Now that I am rambling.. here is an after shot..

The paint color is Limonata by Valspar. I ordered the bins on the Sears website. I found them for right at $5 each, which I convinced myself was a steal and I could not live without them! They are the perfect color and size... Even better there is no more "clutter" on the shelves! :)

The green in the above pictures is not the exact color that it is in person. The picture below is more accurate for the color...

I won this super cute and perfect vinyl decal from Salvesen Vinyl Creations through their giveaway via Craft O Maniac's blog. Thank you so much again for this wonderful giveaway! It is just perfect! :)

One more view of the new and improved laundry room... Oh and I got a hold of my dryer with a can of white spray paint! It worked like a charm to cover some of that ugly rust.. a quick fix that will do for now! :)

So that is my laundry room makeover for now. I am pleased with the way it turned out so far, but I still need to add a few finishing touches... new rug (I am thinking a brown and green paisley print rug), something to go on the wall by the door, and I am thinking an apothecary-ish jar to hold laundry detergent to sit on the dryer. I still have a half gallon of paint left, soooo I am looking for my next green victim around the house! :)

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  1. I love your laundry room! Green is my favorite color, and that vinyl saying is awesome!