Monday, January 31, 2011

Some of my pre-blog projects...

Here are just a few of my pre-blog projects... mostly just wreaths and diaper cakes. I have a thing for a good wreath! After fall and Christmas, my front door looked so bare. Needless to say, I am pretty sure I will continue putting seasonal/holiday wreaths on my front door. They are so fun and festive!

Our front door with the gingerbread wreath that I made.

Our Mantle... I also made this wreath. It was actually my first wreath making experience! :)

I made this wreath for my friend and neighbor

diaper cakes that I made for friends (please excuse the Ozarka bottle in the background.. hehe)

Last but not least, our Valentine's Day wreath that I made a couple of weeks ago. I love grapevine wreaths... Well any wreath for that matter. :)

My Very First Post!

So this past weekend was pretty jam packed... We had 2 birthday parties to attend, and I wanted to make something to display all of Cameron's (my son) artwork from school. He is only 2 years old, and he thinks that we need to hang all of his artwork on the refrigerator. Needless to say, our refrigerator was on overload with all of his cute little drawings and paintings. So here is our alternative display:
I had some extra wood that I just cut to be the size I wanted. I spray painted the board with 2 coats of cheap spray paint from Hobby Lobby. It took 2 coats of paint for the writing as well because I wanted the writing to be solid.
I then spray painted clothes pins and hot glued them along the bottom. I stenciled the stars and just free-handed the little doodle design. Tada! Here is the final display, hanging in Cameron's bedroom! (Cameron's bedroom is done in Toy Story, so that is where the color scheme came from.) He LOVED it! :)